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  • Panasonic Hair Styler | EH-KE46

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    • Ion conditioning for glossy hair.
    • 3 attachments.
    • 3 setting modes for versatile styling.
    • Ion conditioning for glossy hair.
    • As you blow out your hair, the brush emits negative ions that gently coat the hair surface, making it glossy while also making it more manageable by neutralizing and reducing static electricity.
    • Style your hair any way you like.
    • Using different attachments, you can style your hair in lots of different ways.

  • Panasonic Hair Styler | EH-KA81

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    • 8 Attachments
    • New Tension Blow Brush, Roller Brush, Slim Roller Brush, Air Iron, Volume Lifter, Nozzle, 2 Hair Clips.
    • Blow brush for straight style.
    • Silent
    • 59 dB at Dry mode.
    • Silent operation (58dB)
    • Slim body for easy grip and 3 level speed selection, Coating: Ceramic
    • Comes with main unit, user manual and warranty card.
    • Included Components: Blow brush, Roller brush, Volume lifter, Slim roller brush, Air iron, Nozzle, 2 Hair clips.
    • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.
    • Silent operation (58dB)
    • Slim body for easy grip.
    • 3 Level speed selection.
  • Panasonic Hair Styler | EH-KA42

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    • 650 Watts
    • 2 Speed Selection.
    • Blow brush, Slim Roller Brush, Siliconized Brush & Blower Nozzle.
    • 360 degree swivel cord.
    • Convenient to Use.
    • This ergonomic styler is convenient to use and comes with four different attachments.
    • The same is provided for multi-functional and versatile hair styling options.
    • The two heat temperature settings allow you to quickly style your hair and lock in moisture.
    • 360°Swivel Cord:
    • The elegant styler features a long 1.8 m cord capable of rotating 360°.
    • With this feature, you can style every portion of your hair without the cord creating an obstruction.
    • This practical solution ensures easy maneuvering of the styler without any effort.
    • Feature Rich Design:
    • This professional styler has a handy design and is packed with special features to cover every aspect of quick hair styling.
    • The secured handle is anti-slip and fits comfortably in your hand without heating up.
    • It helps keep hair supple and nourished while it avoids heat damage.
    • Compact:
    • This styler is sleek, lightweight and can be carried anywhere with you on your travels.
    • It can be easily detached which makes it easy to clean and maintain.
    • It can easy slip into your handbag, luggage or bag packs.
    • Multi-Functional and Handy Attachments:
    • This styler comes with multiple attachments aimed at increasing the ability to do various hair styles.
    • The styler has 4 nozzles namely blow brush, slim roller brush, siliconized brush, and blower nozzle.
    • Just Brush your Hair:
    • With this styler, you can easily style your hair just like you brush your hair every day.
    • Styling your hair has never been so simple and quick.
    • Get the dreamy and tamed hair you have always wanted.
  • Panasonic Hair Styler | EH-KA31

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    • 3 Attachments
    • New Tension Blow Brush, Roller Brush, Air Iron
    • Blow brush for straight style
    • Silent
    • 59 dB at Dry mode
    • The Panasonic EH-KA31 Hair Styler enables you to achieve a salon like looks from the comfort of your home.
    • The device allows you to fashion a broad range of hairstyles with 3 different attachments- a blow brush, an air iron, and an adjustable roller brush, which will provide you with the perfect look for any occasion in a matter of minutes.
    • It produces 59dB of sound while operational. It features three distinct speed and heat settings, giving optimum control to suit your styling needs and hair type.
  • Panasonic Hair Styler | EH-KA11

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    • Panasonic’s EH-KA11 Blow Brush Hair Styler is an ideal device if you wish to create beautiful hairstyles easily on your own.
    • It comes with 3 setting modes and features silent operation of 59 decibels.
    • Slim body blow brush – Rubber on either side of the brush catches hair ends to prevent them getting away.
    • By maintaining firm tension on your hair, this enables effective blowing for better styling.
    • Quiet 59 decibel operation – Dual airflow to regulate airflow, a fixed clearance between fan and body, and a high-efficiency fan for smooth airflow effectively reduce operation noise.
    • Features 3 setting modes suiting your styling requirements.
    • Say goodbye to troublesome styling using both hands.
    • Easy for anyone to blow-dry and create natural inward curls at the tips of hair.
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