Panasonic 4-Blade Blender | MX-SS40

4-Blade Blender

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  • Panasonic 4-Blade Blender | MX-SS40

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    • This hand blender from the house of Panasonic comes in black and metallic color.
    • It is made of plastic for durability and measures 6.7 cm x 6.1 cm x 38.6 cm.
    • Has a power rating of 600 Watt.
    • 4 Uniquely-Shaped Blades for Smooth and Even Cutting.
    • Equipped with Chopper and Whisk Attachment.
    • 1.2L Bowl Attachment for Chopper.
    • Portable and Space Saving.
    • Easy and Convenient Especially in Liquid Blending.
    • Preparation, ie Soups, Smoothies and Juices.