Grill Microwave Oven with Healthy Steam, 28L | MG28J5255GS/SM

Grill Microwave Oven with Healthy Steam

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  • Grill Microwave Oven with Healthy Steam, 28L | MG28J5255GS/SM

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    • Ceramic Enamel Cavity: Easy to clean, anti bacterial protection, hygienic and durable interior.
    • Healthy Steam Function with Pure Steamer Bowl: Healthy and nutritious food preparation.
    • Malaysian Menu: Enjoy local taste with pre-programmed local recipes.
    • Plate Warmer (Cooking Type) Grilling.
    • Ceramic Enamel Interior.
    • Healthy Cooking.

    Healthy Steam

    • With the Healthy Steam function and Glass Steamer you can quickly and easily prepare nutritious and succulent steam cooked food.
    • Simply choose the food and size and it automatically selects the optimal cooking time.

    Wide Range Of Steam Cooking Program

    • Create deliciously healthy steam cooked food and prepare a wide range of local recipes in minutes automatically.

    Warming Drawer Mode

    • The Warming Drawer Mode keeps dishes warm and food at the proper temperature without over-cooking.
    • So it stays full of flavor and texture and is always deliciously tasty like freshly cooked food and ready to serve.

    Plate Warming

    • The Plate Warming is to keep dishes quickly (within max.5minutes) and perfectly warm until you†re ready to serve.
    • You can choose two kinds of warming modes(Hot, Mild) depend on type of food.


    • The MW5200J microwave oven features a smooth ceramic interior that is easy to clean and won†t scratch or discolor over time.
    • 99.9% anti-bacterial protection and scratch-resistant interior is made to last.

    Local Recipe

    • Choose from a wide variety of pre-programmed local recipes and enjoy familiar flavors with the simple touch of a button.


    • Strong odors won†t linger inside the inside the Samsung smart oven.
    • Simply select the Deodorization setting to force interior air outside to dissipate.
    • This feature quickly eliminates any bad smells so your food tastes as fresh and delicious as intended.

    Healthy Cooking

    • Up to 16 recipes are preprogrammed for your convenience.