Panasonic Dry Iron | NI-313

Panasonic Dry Iron

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  • Panasonic Dry Iron | NI-313

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    • 1000W
    • Stainless Metallic Design
    • V-Shape Handle for Easy Sleeve Ironing.
    • The Panasonic dry iron is designed of metal resistance steel.
    • It has a V-shape handle for easy sleeve ironing and firm grip.
    • It is designed for a firm thumb grip while ironing.
    • It also comes with swivel cord for convenient and extended ironing.
    • Product Features:
      – Light Weight Dry Iron.
      – Non-Stick coated soleplate.
      – Swivel Cord.
      – Stainless Metallic Design.
  • Panasonic Dry Iron | NI-22AW

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    • 1000W
    • Non-stick Coated Soleplate
    • Heavy Weight
    • This is a de-luxe automatic dry iron comes with a pressing power of 6 pounds.
    • It has powerful 1000W and it has a deluxe metal cover.
    • It also contains Non-stick coating sole plate.
    • This automatic iron has a big thermostatic pilot lamp and heat-resistant cotton cord.
    • Along with this, it has an easy operation 6 temperature settings and big metal temperature setting guide.
    • The adjustable swivel cord makes ironing easy and comfortable.
    • Its heel rest stand by position and big secured grip with thumb’s rest and buttonhole are its unique features.


    • Polish soleplate.
    • Big fabric guide.
    • Temperature setting dial.
    • Thermostatic pilot lamp.
    • Power: 1000W
    • Thermal Fuse protection.
    • Button Slit/ Full-Length Button Groove.
    • Easy operation 6 temperature setting Dial.
  • Panasonic Dry Iron | NI-317T

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    • 1000W
    • Non-stick Coating with Swivel Cord
    • 3 Colors: White / Blue / Pink
    • An iron with a curved soleplate concentrates pressure at the center of the iron, instead of at the tip, so there is less tugging, snagging, and minimal wrinkling.
    • The push-button spray mist lets you direct extra moisture where needed.
    • A powerful burst of steam helps remove stubborn wrinkles.
    • This feature also helps clean the iron steam vents.
    • Three steam settings can be selected for heavier fabrics, steam for touch-ups, as well as for no steam output.
    • Product Features:
      -Brand: Panasonic

      -Model: NI-317T
    • Type: Automatic Dry iron
    • Color: White
    • Titanium, Non-Stick Coated Curved Soleplate.
    • Anti-Calcium System
    • Adjustable swivel cord
    • 6 Temperature settings
    • Safety thermal fuse
    • Temperature Ready Indicator Light
    • 3-Way Auto Shut-Off
    • Automatic Retractable Cord Reel
    • Power: 1000 Watts