Panasonic Washer Dryer | NA-S085M1

Panasonic Washer Dryer

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  • Panasonic Washer Dryer | NA-S085M1

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    • Washer 8.0 kg / Dryer 4.0 kg
    • 1400 RPM
    • Has a wash capacity of 8 kg , drying capacity of 5 kg and comes with 16 wash programs.
    • Removes dirt by using lower wash and rinse temperatures, low energy consumption for heating and minimal amount of water usage with its Eco Wash mode.
    • Prevents leakage, automatically cuts off water flow if hose gets damaged with Aqua Stop.
    • Ensures dirt, dust and detergent are thoroughly cleaned with Extra Rinse option.
    • With Quick Wash you can do your laundry in a short span of time.
    • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 85 cm; LED Display; Basket Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Panasonic Washer Dryer | NA-S107M2

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    • 10/7 Kg Washer Dryer
    • Inverter Motor for energy saving
    • 1600 RPM

    Now you can wash delicate items such as ABAYAS, which previously required hand washing or dry cleaning.

      The INVERTER changes tub rotation smoothly to ensure efficient, quiet operation.
      “CUBE Drum” effectively helps in “massaging and Soaking” of clothes with 2196 holes, each with diameter of 2.4mm.They are designed to create perfect environment for gentle and effective washing of clothes by generating more foam into the drum and overcome stains even at the edges of the clothes.
    • S-Shape Flexural Lifting Rib
    • S-shape Rib is designed to shatters stubborn stains.
    • It doesn’t beat the clothes, It treats the clothes gently.
    • The S-Shape Lifting Rib have 138 sprinkling holes, which produces strong and gentle penetration flow of Water and foam with constant change of the intelligently-controlled washing speed.
      One key, to optimize washing program by reducing time and energy. It even increases the efforts in washing process, by penetrating more foam.

  • Panasonic Washer Dryer | NA-S128M2

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    • 12/8 Kg Washer Dryer
    • Inverter Motor for energy saving
    • 1400 RPM
    • 12 kg/ 8 kg Washer Dryer
    • Inverter Motor for energy saving
    • Touch Control Panel
    • LED illumination around the knob
    • 1400 RPM
    • 16 Programs
    • Quick & Delay program
    • Child Lock
    • Wide drum inlet
    • Finish/Colour: Available in white or silver
  • Panasonic Washer Dryer | NA-S178X1

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    • ABAYA WASH by Gentle Hand Wash.
    • Extra protection for delicate clothes.
    • THOUB WASH by Active Foam System.
    • 7 Jet Shower and 3D Sensor Wash.
    • Washer 17.0 kg/Dryer 8.0 kg
    • The Perfect Fit
      This washer/dryer is perfect for apartments, condos or small spaces, and it’s the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Get your clothes clean and experience a smarter way to wash and dry. Since it is a front load washer, its drum in the front rotates to tumble the clothes and clean them. This type of washers has the most energy and water efficiency. The best appliance you can get for washing and drying your clothes.
    • Laundry At The Speed Of Life
      This effective washer/dryer washes and dry very fast without shortcutting cleaning performance, even on larger loads. That’s not just laundry done fast—it’s laundry at the speed of life. Besides, its variable spin is 1000 rounds per minute.
    • Wash Capacity
      No worries again about your family-sized loads of laundry, thanks to the great capacity of Panasonic 17 Kg front washer. This capacity enables you to wash a good amount of clothes at one time. Save your effort and have all your clothes washed in no time!
    • Vibration Reduction Technology
      The innovative technology VRT (Vibration Reduction) Samsung allows you to wash at any time of day or night to reduce noise and vibration level during the wash cycle by vibration sensors that detect and automatically control the vibration of the drum
  • Panasonic Washer Dryer | NA-S085

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    • Washer 8.0 kg / Dryer 4.0 kg
    • 1400 RPM
    • The Panasonic NAS085M1 Washer Dryer is designed to give the best wash performance.
    • It comes with a wash capacity of 8 kg and a dry capacity of 4 kg.
    • It has an elegant design and 16 washing programs that offer flexibility of washing in different modes.
    • You can select the wash program according to the fabric type.- Wash load capacity: 8 kg- Drying capacity: 4 kg- LED indicator- 16 washing programs- Anti-crease- Delayed start timer- Adjustable spin speed Buy online the very best in technology from Plug Ins today.