Philips | Toaster (HD2581/00)

Philips toaster

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  • Philips | Toaster (HD2581/00)

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    • Variable width bread slots for great toast.
    • Evenly golden brown, thick or thin.
    • Convenient due to the defrost and reheat functions.
    • Safe to use thanks to the high lift feature, cancel button and cool wall exterior.
    • Cancel button to stop toasting at any time.
    • Variable width self-centred slots for evenly toasted bread.
    • Automatic safety shut-off in event of jammed bread.
    • Defrost or reheat just toasted bread in one go.
    • High lift feature to safely take out smaller pieces.
    • The outside of the toaster stays cool and safe to touch.
    • Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.
    • Adjustable browning control.