Samsung 82″ Smart QLED TV | QA82Q900RBK

Samsung 82" Smart QLED TV

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  • Samsung 82″ Smart QLED TV | QA82Q900RBK

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    • Real 8K Resolution
    • Unimaginable HDR with 8K brilliance – Quantum HDR 32X
    • Quantum Processor 8K
    • 8K AI Upscaling
    • Fall into the real 8K resolution – Samsung QLED 8K Q900R takes you into a nearly infinite depth of realism, like you’re walking through each scene as you experience details so precise you can almost touch their presence.
    • It’s a whole new dimension of picture quality with super high resolution.
    • Breathtaking 33-million pixel resolution – What exactly is 8K resolution? It’s super high resolution 4 times higher than 4K UHD and 16 times higher than FHD.
    • With more than 33 million pixels, Samsung QLED 8K Q900R gives you an amazing pixel-less viewing experience.
    • It’s real 8K resolution.
    • Feel the deeper depth – Feel distance in a whole new way.
    • Samsung QLED 8K Q900R’s high resolution shows you even the small details in every scene, giving you more depth and immersing you even further into a new 8K reality.
    • And, watch a bigger reality – Samsung QLED 8K Q900R delivers the clarity you’ve been expecting on a larger screen, with no visible pixels no matter how close you are to the TV.
    • Just the joy of pure.
    • Precision makes perfect – Direct Full Array 16X – Welcome to a new class of precision.
    • Witness details in true clarity as Direct Full Array 16X brings minute details to life by accurately controlling the backlight.
    • You’ll see enhanced depth beyond belief, scene by scene.
    • Get ready for a superior viewing experience.
    • Unimaginable HDR with 8K brilliance – Quantum HDR 32X – QLED’s Quantum HDR 32X offers a dynamic HDR expression that adapts to each scene and unveils the director’s intention.
    • Watch reality unfurl on your screen.
    • See the bigger picture – Everything gets very real on a bigger screen.
    • You’ll experience every goal, feel every explosion, and be right in the middle of the action.
    • You’ve never been closer than this.
    • Beautiful scenes wherever you sit – You don’t have to sit directly in front of the TV anymore.
    • Ultra Viewing Angle of QLED spreads light uniformly and reduces light leakage for a great viewing experience from various angles.
    • Turn every seat into the best one.
    • All powered by an amazing processor – Quantum Processor 8K – Experience QLED’s Quantum Processor 8K.
    • It uses its own unique upscaling algorithm to deliver clearer pictures, while adjusting the screen brightness and sound to match your room and the scene on the screen.
    • QLED’S powerful processor delivers improved resolution and an amazing experience.
    • 8K AI Upscaling – AI Upscaling makes a world of difference.
    • QLED uses AI-powered machine learning to reduce image noise, restore lost detail, and even sharpen edges around objects and text.
    • Now you can enjoy your content at near 8K resolution.
    • Intelligent Mode – Conditions in your room can change, and your TV needs to adapt.
    • QLED’s Intelligent Mode adjusts brightness and volume accordingly.
    • It can even adjust the sound to match the TV content, such as clearing a dialogue in news programs and highlighting a singer’s voice over the background concert.