Samsung Front Loading with Add Wash 21.0Kg | WR24M9960KV/TL

Samsung Front Loading with Add Wash

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  • Samsung Front Loading with Add Wash 21.0Kg | WR24M9960KV/TL

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    • Front Washer (21Kg) + Top Washer (3.5Kg) + Dryer
    • Add Wash
    • Eco Bubble & Bubble Soak.
    • Add Wash™
    • Vibration Reduction Technology.
    • Eco Bubble
    • Diamond Drum.
    • Powerful bubble action.
    • Outstanding performance.
    • ecobubble technology
    • EcoBubble™ technology delivers powerful cleaning, even at low temperatures.
    • Detergent is turned into bubbles, so it quickly penetrates fabric and removes dirt easily, while protecting the fabric and saving energy.
    • Refresh your clothes with air.
    • Air Wash
    • Air Wash technology deodorizes and sanitizes clothes and bedding, so they always smell fresh.
    • Using just super-hot air, unpleasant odors, bacteria and allergens are removed without boiling or using chemicals.
    • Intensive Stain Removal.
    • Bubble Soak.
    • With the touch of a button, Bubble Soak technology helps remove a variety of stubborn stains.
    • Clothes are thoroughly soaked in bubbles, so dirt and stains are loosened and removed effectively.
    • Take control anytime, anywhere Smart Control.
    • Smart Control lets you remotely control and monitor your washing from anywhere using a smartphone App.
    • You can start or pause it and keep an eye on program selections, the remaining time and finishing alerts.
    • Less noise and vibration Technology.
    • Eco Drum
    • Clean
    • Flex Wash™ has more features to help you care for your family.
    • After each cycle, the Flex Wash™ automatically wipes away residue in the diaphragm for consistently fresh washes.
    • The Flex Wash™ will even notify you when it is time to run the Eco.
    • Drum Clean course to sanitize the drum with hot water and powerful jet streams.