Moulinex Multi Moulinette AT711131

Model name AT711131
Brand Moulinex
Material Plastic
Colour White


  • Moulinex Multi Moulinette AT711131, Ideal for mixing, chopping, making mayonnaise and even milkshakes.
    Suitable for all kinds of ingredients, the 2-speed Multi Spreader

    • Fast speed for hard ingredients
    • Slow speed for delicate ingredients


    Moulinex Multi Moulinette AT711131 Description:

    • Product Type: Multi-grinder Mincer.
    • Model: At711131.
    • Plastic material.
    • Moulinex Multi Moulinette AT711131 Power: 400W.
    • Bowl capacity: 300g (500ml).
    • 2 Speeds.
    • Transparent bowl for easy monitoring of ingredients.
    • High-performance knife for chopping onions, garlic and herbs to make mayonnaise and sauces.
    • Voltages: 220-240 V.
    • Moulinex Multi Moulinette Weight: 1.00Kg.


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