Moulinex Subito 4 FG370811

       Product number:- 828692 Manufacturer code:- FG370811
       Brand:- Moulinex
       Warranty:- 2 years
       Processing of your defect:- Via Coolblue

    Coffee preparation

       Type of coffee machine:- Filter machine
       Type of coffee/filling:- Ground coffee
       Coffee specialty:- Coffee
       Adjustable coffee strength:- —Adjustable coffee volume: ——–
       Permanent filter:- — Coffee filter size:- 4
       Number of cups per brew:- 15


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Pros and cons

According to our filter coffee machine expert
  • You can easily top up the removable water reservoir under the tap.
  • The drip stop prevents dripping when you remove the jug from under the device.
  • You decide yourself until when the hotplate stays on.
  • The filter device does not switch off automatically after use.
  • Does not have a timer with which coffee is ready at the time you want.
Product Expert filter coffee machines


With the Moulinex Subito 4 FG370811 you make a liter of filter coffee in one go. The warming plate keeps the coffee at the right temperature. This way you pour a second cup later in the morning. When you remove the glass jug from under the coffee maker, the machine does not drip after. The device does not switch off automatically, you have to think about this for yourself. An advantage of this is that the hotplate stays on as long as you want.


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