Panasonic Hair Styler | EH-KA11

  • Panasonic’s EH-KA11 Blow Brush Hair Styler is an ideal device if you wish to create beautiful hairstyles easily on your own.
  • It comes with 3 setting modes and features silent operation of 59 decibels.
  • Slim body blow brush – Rubber on either side of the brush catches hair ends to prevent them getting away.
  • By maintaining firm tension on your hair, this enables effective blowing for better styling.
  • Quiet 59 decibel operation – Dual airflow to regulate airflow, a fixed clearance between fan and body, and a high-efficiency fan for smooth airflow effectively reduce operation noise.
  • Features 3 setting modes suiting your styling requirements.
  • Say goodbye to troublesome styling using both hands.
  • Easy for anyone to blow-dry and create natural inward curls at the tips of hair.


  • Model Number EH-KA11
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 48 x 48 x 195mm (Main Body)
  • Weight 320 g (Main Body)



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