Panasonic Top Loading Washing Machine | NA-F150A5

  • ABAYA WASH by Gentle Hand Wash
  • Extra protection for delicate clothes
  • THOUB WASH by Active Foam System
  • Stain Master removes stubborn stains with strong water flow
  • Capacity 15.0kg
  • Fully automatic top-loading washing machine
  • Large Washing Capacity
    With 15 kg washing capacity you can wash as many clothes as you want without overloading your washing machine. While you’re washing, the washing machine stimulates a high washing performance with less water. Free yourself from frequent washes and enjoy more time for yourself and your family.
  • Air Dry Function
    When your clothes are washed, the washing machine dries up most water from your clothes. It dries up fast with the help of the air dry function. Unlike other machines, the clothes are barely dry which causes dripping and takes more time to dry.


Technical Specification 

  • MODEL No. NA-F150A5
  • BASIC SPECIFICATION Dimensions (W x D x H) 643 x 709 x 1,120 mm
  • Net Weight 50 kg
  • Voltage / Frequency 220V / 60 Hz
  • Control Panel Insert (Direct Button)
  • LED Color Blue
  • Digital Display- Yes
  • Lid Type Soft Closing Lid with tempered glass
  • Color (Body) White
  • Drain Pump- Yes
  • Double Inlet (Hot & Cold)- Yes
  • Water Supply Hose-Yes
  • WASH FEATURES Active Foam System Yes (Turbo Mixer)
  • Shower- Yes
  • Pulsator Active Wave
  • Dancing Water Flow- Yes
  • Aqua Spin Rinse- Yes
  • Water Level Setting 10 levels
  • CONVENIENT FUNCTIONS Easy Wide Opening- Yes
  • Child lock- Yes
  • Auto Re-start- Yes
  • Auto Power Off -Yes
  • Delay Start- Yes (2-24hrs)
  • Remaining Time Indication- Yes
  • Sazanami Drum- Yes
  • Big Cassette Lint Filter- Yes
  • MAIN PROGRAM Number of Program 10.0
  • Normal- Yes
  • Speedy- Yes
  • Baby Care- Yes
  • Water save- Yes
  • Comforter-Yes
  • Soak- Yes
  • Tub Hygiene- Yes
  • Temp. Setting ( Hot/Warm/Cold )- Yes
  • Gentle Hand Wash- Yes
  • Stain Master Sweat- Yes
  • Mud- Yes
  • Sauce- Yes
  • Special Program Super Dry (90 min.)- Yes



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