Panasonic Top Loading Washing Machine | NA-F70S7

  • Capacity 7.0kg
  • Dancing Water Flow
  • Excellent washing performance
  • Elegant White Body Color
  • Stylish and durable Aqua Crystal Glass Lid
  • Elegant White Body Color with Durable Aqua Crystal Glass Lid.
  • Elegant white body color an ideal match for modern interiors.
  • The beautifully finished white body and control panel help to hide marks and scratches. As a result, the unit still looks attractive even after extended use.
  • The new model features an even more stylish look with the sophisticated, highly durable Aqua Crystal Glass Lid for a high-class appearance.
  • Excellent Washing Performance with Dancing Water Flow.
  • Thoroughly agitates clothes to evenly rub them clean with just a little water.
  • Thanks to unique control, quick reverse rotation of the pulsator is possible. Even with just a little water, this generates waves that uniformly agitate clothes.
  • Eco-Friendly Water and Energy Save Courses.
  • Water Save Course

In response to demand for more water saving, Panasonic offers the Water Save Course. With Aqua Spin Rinse, instead of rinsing with water in the drum, a shower first effectively removes foam to enable more efficient rinsing with less water.

  • Energy Save (Speedy)

With less washing and spinning time, reduces electricity consumption.

  • Easy-to-Use Control Panel
    The control panel is easy to read, use, and understand. It is designed so that anyone can operate the washing machine easily from day one.
  • Photo shows the NA-F75S7 model


Technical Specification

  • TECHNICAL DATA Load Capacity 7 kg
  • Dimension(W x D (with hose) x H) 562*571*929
  • Voltage / Frequency 220-240 V / 50 Hz
  • WASHING TECHNOLOGY Dancing Water Flow yes
  • Aqua Spin Rinse yes (Water Save Only)
  • Control panel type Membrane (White)
  • LED color Red
  • Digital Display yes
  • Delay Start yes (2-24hours)
  • PROGRAMMES Number of Programs 10
  • Normal yes
  • Baby-care yes
  • Delicate- yes
  • Tub Hygiene- yes
  • Fragrance- yes
  • Blanket- yes
  • Soak- yes
  • Energy Save (Speedy)- yes
  • Water Save- yes
  • Air Dry (90 min.)- yes
  • MANUAL SETTING Process setting button- yes
  • Water Level setting- yes (6 levels / No LED)
  • OTHER FUNCTIONS Child lock- yes
  • Low water pressure- yes
  • Wider Voltage Operation- yes
  • Auto Power Off- yes
  • Sazanmi Drum- yes
  • Remaining Time Indication- yes
  • Big cassette lint filter- yes
  • OUTER DESIGN Color (Lid) White
  • Color (Body) White



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