Philips Replaceable Blade QP210/50

  • The Philips One Blade is a revolutionary new hybrid styler that can trim.
  • Shave and create clean lines and edges, on any length of hair.
  • Forget about using multiple steps and tools.
  • One Blade does it all.
  • Unique One Blade Technology.
  • Durable One Blade.



Trimming & Shaving Performance

  • Shaving system: Contour-following technology
  • Dual protection system
  • Trimming system: Contour-following technology
  • Service Replacement head QP210, QP220: Replace every 4 months*
  • One Blade replacement blade
  • Replacement blades per package: 1
  • Fits product type: One Blade (QP25xx)
  • One Blade (QP26xx)
  • One Blade Pro (QP65xx)
  • One Blade Pro (QP66xx)



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