Samsung Tumble Dryer with Heat Pump, 8kg | DV80M5010KW/EF

  • Saving half of electricity consumption
  • Properly dry clothes
  • Enhanced filtering
  • Heat pump Technology
  • Easy troubleshooting
  • Smart Check
  • Drying Capacity (kg) – 8
  • Energy Efficiency Class – A++
  • Saving half of electricity consumption.
  • Heat pump Technology.
  • Heat pump technology offers a more efficient, cost-effective and gentle way to dry clothes.
  • It uses ‘refrigerant’ instead of electricity to heat the air – so it consumes only half electricity consumption.
  • Properly dry clothes.
  • Optimal Dry
  • Make sure your clothes are properly dry without constantly checking.
  • Optimal Dry™ automatically optimizes the time and temperature of the drying cycle.
  • So clothes are always thoroughly dry without being damaged.
  • Moisture sensors protect your laundry from heat damage and avoid excessive energy use.
  • Enhanced filtering.
  • 2-in-1 Filter.
  • An advanced 2-in-1 Filter has a two-layered mesh filter, so there’s no need for a Heat Exchanger filter, maintaining optimum drying performance.
  • Two alarms remind you when the Filter and Heat Exchanger need cleaning.
  • Water level check.
  • Water Tank Indicator.
  • A Water Tank Indicator is a simple gauge on the front that shows how much condensed water has been extracted from your clothes.
  • So you can quickly see if the water tank needs emptying before you start another load.
  • Dry within 35 min.
  • Quick Dry.
  • A Quick Dry 35′ cycle gets a small load of clothing dry and ready to wear in just 35 minutes.
  • It can safely dry a few items, so there’s much less waiting.
  • Easy troubleshooting.
  • Smart Check.
  • Avoid the cost and inconvenience of a broken machine.
  • Smart Check is an automatic error-monitoring system.
  • You can use it anytime, anywhere with a smartphone App.
  • It detects and diagnoses problems and provides quick and easy troubleshooting solutions.
  • So it saves you repair time and money.



Technical Specification

  • Drying Capacity
  • Drying Capacity 8 (kg) 
  • Design
  • Body color
  • White
  • Door
  • White
  • Panel Display
  • LED


  • Type of Dryer
  • Heat pump
  • Cycle time 170 (min)
  • Energy Efficiency Class
  • A++
  • Energy Consumption (annual) 235 kWh
  • Condensation Efficiency Class B
  • Noise Level (Dry)
  • 65 dB
  • Refrigerant (Type)
  • R134a (Fluorinated greenhouse gas, GWP=1,430)
  • Refrigerant (Charging, kg) 0.32
  • Refrigerant (Charging, t CO2e, Hermetically sealed) 0.457


  • Interior Drum Light –Yes
  • Smart Control -No
  • Smart Check -Yes
  • Reversible Door -Yes
  • Child Lock -Yes
  • Delay End -Yes
  • Drum type
  • Diamond Drum
  • Dry Level
  • 3 Levels
  • Drying Rack -No
  • Drying Time selector -Yes
  • Mixed Load Bell -Yes
  • Progress Indicator -Yes
  • Water Container Full Indicator -Yes
  • Wrinkle Prevent -Yes
  • Optimal Dry System -Yes
  • Cycle
  • Cool Air -Yes
  • Iron Dry -Yes
  • Time Dry -Yes
  • Towels -Yes
  • Warm Air -Yes
  • Wool -Yes
  • Additional Cycle
  • Shirts, Cotton, Mixed Load, Synthetics

Option List

  • Delay End, Sound On/Off,Wrinkle Prevent,Dry Level, Time, Mixed Load Bell, Lamp
  • Air Wash –No
  • Bedding -Yes
  • Quick Dry 35′ -Yes
  • Cotton -Yes
  • Delicates -Yes
  • Mixed Load -Yes
  • Outdoor Care -Yes
  • Shirts -Yes
  • Synthetics -Yes

Physical specification

  • Net Dimension (WxHxD)
  • 600 x 850 x 640 mm
  • Net Weight
  • 50 kg
  • Drum Material
  • Stainless


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