Tefal Fryer Easy Pro Premium 3L FR338070

    Product number:- 699229
    Manufacturer code:- FR3380
    Brand:- Tefal
    Warranty:- 2 years
    Processing of your defect:- Via Coolblue
    Old product returned for free: -Yes

    Power:- 2200 W
    Frying system:- Oil or fat
    Load capacity:- 1,2 kg
    Effective load capacity:- 1,1 kg
    Capacity expressed in number of people:- 4 to 5 people
    Number of pans:- 1
    Material:- Metal
    Metal type:- Stainless steel
    Handle material:- Plastic
    Weight:- 4 kg
    Capacity:- 3 l
    Width:- 26,3 cm
    Height:- 30,1 cm
    Depth:- 42,6 cm
    Shape:- Rectangle
    Color:- Silver


Product information

Pros and cons

According to our deep fryer expert
  • The odor filter largely stops the frying odors so your house won’t smell like food as much.
  • Thanks to the see-through window, you can keep a close eye on your food.
  • The removable heating element makes it easy to clean the bottom of your deep fryer.
  • The handle of the frying basket isn’t collapsible, so it’s less easy to store the deep fryer.
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With the Tefal FR3380 Fri Easy Pro Premium, you can effortlessly make fries. This fryer has a large capacity of 3L, which allows you to make 1.2kg of fries. That’s enough for 4 people. Thanks to the cold zone, you don’t have to refresh the oil as often. The food residue sinks to the cold zone at the bottom of the pan, so the oil that you use to fry with remains clean. You can keep a close eye on the frying process via the see-through window in the lid. There’s also a grease filter in the lid, so less grease goes into the air. After use, you can clean all of the individual parts except for the heat element in the dishwasher.


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