Tefal TurboPro Anti-Calc FV5688

  •  Product number: –892933
  • Manufacturer code:- FV5688
  • Brand:- Tefal
  • Warranty:- 2 years
  • Processing of your defect: –Via Coolblue
  • Old product returned for free:- Yes
  •  Type of iron:- Steam iron
  • Ironing need:- Daily, small load of laundry, Weekly, small load of laundry
  • Water tank capacity:-0,3 l
  • Adjustable steam output:-
  • Continuous steam production:- 50 g/m
  • Steam burst steam production:- 220 g/m
  • Anti-limescale system:- Limescale collector
  • Warm-up time:- 2 min


Product information

Pros and cons

According to our iron expert
  • The temperature and steam settings adjust automatically, so you can iron different types of fabric back-to-back.
  • The steam burst of 220g/m quickly deals with stubborn wrinkles.
  • Limescale sticks to the limescale collector, which you can easily rinse under the faucet.
  • You can’t refill the water tank while in use, so you’ll have to temporarily interrupt your ironing session.
Product Expert Irons


With the automatic steam and temperature settings of the Tefal TurboPro Anti-Calc FV5688, you can always steam with the right settings. After 2 minutes, the iron is heated up and it produces a continuous steam production of 50g/m. For stubborn creases or thick fabrics, you can use the turbo function. With this function, the iron produces a steam burst of 220g/m. Thanks to the drip stop, water drops won’t fall on your clothes and cause stains. You also prevent stains thanks to the Durilium AirGlide Autoclean soleplate. The soleplate stays clean for long and spreads the heat and steam evenly over your clothes. When you accidentally leave the iron on the soleplate for too long, it automatically turns itself off after 30 seconds.


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